Zeszyt 4

Zeszyt nr 4/2011

  1. The effect of foliar application of copper on content of this element in winter wheat grain J. Korzeniowska, E. Stanisławska-Glubiak 
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  2. The content of some micronutrients in rendzina soil cultivated using different tillage systems and catch cropsP. Kraska   
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  3. Phosphatases activity and plant available phosphorus in soil under winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) fertilized minerallyJ. Lemanowicz 
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  4. Effect of rainfall amount and distribution on growth, development and yields of determinate and indeterminate cultivars of blue lupinJ. Podleśny, A. Podleśna 
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  5. Growth rate and yields of a sorghum-sudangrass hybrid variety grown on a light and a medium-heavy soil as affected by cutting management and seeding rateJ. Sowiński, E. Szydełko   
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  6. Impact of zero tillage system on the nutrient content of grain and vegetative parts of cerealsE. Stanisławska-Glubiak, J. Korzeniowska  
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  7. Dissolvable organic carbon in groundwater as an indicator of its contamination as a result of many years of on-ground storage of manureM. Urbaniak, S. Pietrzak  
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