Zeszyt 3

Zeszyt nr 3/2010

  1. Visible and near-infrared spectrophotometer for soil analysis: preliminary resultsG. Debaene, J. Niedźwiecki, A. Pecio
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  2. The effect of foliar fertilisation with Ekolist S on yield and quality of motherwort herb (Leonurus cardiaca  L.) –  A. Kiełtyka-Dadasiewicz, S. Berbeć
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  3. The effect of foliar or soil top-dressing of urea on some physiological processes and seed yield of faba beanA. Kocoń 
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  4. Effect of sowing rate on yields and grain quality of  new cultivars of spring barleyK. Noworolnik
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  5. An inexpensive process for 350–1100 nm wavelength aerial photography for agro-environmental studiesR. Pudełko
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  6. Life of game animals in transformed biotopesK. Sporek, M. Sporek
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