Zeszyt 1

Zeszyt nr 1/2009

  1. Production and allocation of biomass and radiation use efficiency in four clones of Salix viminalis L.R. Borek
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  2. Possibilities of weed control in spring cereals by herbicides applied at reduced ratesK. Domaradzki, R. Kieloch
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  3. Renewable energy multipurpose system for farmers (RAMseS) – An Environmental, technical and Economic Assessment with a Comparison with a Conventional Thermodynamic VehicleT. El Asmar, U. Bardi, J. Karłowski
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  4. Agro-ecological assessment of the vegetation cover of Poland’s soilsA. Harasim
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  5. The regional differentiation of legumes cropping area in Poland between 2001 and 2007J. Księżak, M. Staniak, J. Bojarszczuk
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  6. Influence of adjuvants on behavior of phenmedipham in plant and soilM. Kucharski, J. Sadowski
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  7. Effect of propionic and formic acid mixtures on the fermentation, fungi development and aerobic stability of maize silageM. Selwet
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  8. Cross-compliance as an element of social responsibility in agricultureE. Stawicka
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  9. An implementation of environmental databases for physical modeling of water balance and land degradationT. Stuczyński, A. Łopatka, B. Zawadzka, G. Siebielec
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  10. Resistance to black root rot (Chalara elegans Nag. Raj and Kendrick) and some growth characteristics in doubled haploid derivatives of the F1 hybrid of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)A. Trojak-Goluch, A. Berbeć
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  11. The economic effectiveness of early potato production depending on the kind of coverW. Wadas, M. Sawicki
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